About us

The PFIF is an open project group of former weltwärts volunteers who make efforts for the development of international volunteer services. Thus, the faces you see on this page are only a part; we are supported from time to time, from many other actively people in our daily work. With it, we are working under the maintenance of grenzenlos – Vereinigung internationaler Freiwilliger e.V.  Currently our team consists of about 12 persons, all from different sending organizations and now, some are directly involved in weltwärts committees or teams and others are working independent on a specific topic or event.

If you are interest in the work of the PFIF and have new ideas and the motivation to shape the political voluntary representation together with us, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Luca Fröhlich
working group weltwaerts-logic model

Marie-Sophie Neyer
working group Quality requirements catalogue

Carlota Memba Aguado
Program Steering Committee & working group inclusion

Max Schulze
public relations

Amelie Waßmuth
working group weltwaerts-logic model

Julica Bach
internal organization

Vincent Gstettenbauer
internal organization

Ndinelago Justina Asser
Program Steering Committee

working group Volunteer survey

Johannes Röder
Program Steering Committee & working group Volunteer survey


Not active anymore, but unforgettable: our Alumni.

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